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VIRUS DAYS/a humorous essay series



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“Ha! True-to-life and so well rendered.”


author of Failing Paris and Not by Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life, professor at Chapman University, journalist/editor of Coast Magazine

“Wonderful essay!”


National Best-Selling author, founder Sonoma County Writers Camp, adjunct professor UCLA, Stanford, Rutgers, San Francisco Library Laureate

“Years from now, people will look back at 2020 and scratch their heads trying to imagine what the COVID-19 atmosphere must have been like. KSB summed it up perfectly with humor and grace. I laughed out loud at the spot-on observations!” 


professional editor, The Meticulous Type

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Shadow on Concrete Wall


A Reflection on Possibilites

This piece of creative non-fiction was crafted after the death of a wonderful man. Though we knew each other only through the fashion business, he was one of a handful of professional models we adored, hiring them multiple times during our 40+ years in business. These amazingly talented folks affected our lives in so many wonderful ways. They moved on the cutting edge of not just fashion, but society's changing norms. They educated us about the world and its possibilities as well as the elusiveness of fame.

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A chance meeting on the shore



This short tale is drawn from my first, yet unpublished novel. Frances and Ethel, both originally minor characters have emerged into important sub-plot figures in the rewrite. Frances finds herself in rehab and Ethel is a unexpected face from home with her own issues.

Enjoy! And please comment on the site!

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The Newcomer


Unexpected visitors take all forms...

This flash fiction piece is a bird's eye view of community, the secrets we hold close and the forces behind the curtain. Let me know if you identified the true nature of the Newcomer before the end.

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Kay Smith-Blum was named Woman Business Owner (NWWA) of the Year 2013 and is a former President of the Seattle School Board. The "recovering retailer," as she likes to say, now spends her mornings writing bayside in downtown Seattle. 

Smith-Blum chaired the Downtown Seattle Association’s first marketing campaign, edited and published a seasonal fashion magazine for 10 years and co-edited the “Every Man, Every Woman” inspirational series of cards & posters, published by Schurman Fine Papers, Portal Publications and Sawdust City.

KSB is the author of two novels of historical fiction, currently being submitted for agent review. Her second, yet to be published, novel was a finalist in the 2021 Page Turner Writing Awards, long-listed in the 2022 First Pages Prize and was red-listed in the Top 50 of Coverfly's Prose competition. Her humorous essay, “Targets,” was nominated for “Best of the Net 2020” by Heavy Feather Review and others in her Virus Days humor series have been published by Pif Magazine, The Furious Gazelle, Quail Bell Magazine, Bewildering Stories and Down in the Dirt (Anthology 2020). Her short fiction can be found now or in the future at Yellow Arrow Publishing, Fiction Southeast, Change Seven Magazine,, Fiction Attic Press, Minerva Rising and The Stray Branch (featured fiction).


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